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The mechanic of the classic stethoscope!

Our Story

ARCON is an Italian company born from an intuition of its founders about the mechanical functionality of the classic stethoscope!


Since then ARCON has been proposing innovative solutions aimed at improving the properties of classical stethoscopes, in order to have a more effective preventive diagnosis, reduce the uncertainty on first diagnosis and use the stethoscope in telemedicine and remote monitoring.


Since its inception, the company holds a patent that has been approved for nationalization in Europe and USA, and is structuring a patent portfolio (patent pending).


The experience of the company management is based on an important training on business development. Performed at the Santa Clara University Business School (in California); in close contact with the silicon valley ecosystem; thanks to the prestigious Fulbright-BEST Scholarship.


Also important are the strategic technical development and business partnerships that the company has built over the years.

Since 2018, ARCON has acquired an important partner and investor: ROCKSTART DH (vertical startup accelerator on Digital Health, based in the Netherlands). Thanks to them ARCON opened second business development office in the Netherlands (Nijmegen)



ARCON is beneficiary of an important European funding (SME Instrument Phase1).



Passion and professionality

CEO and Founder
Marco Bonanno

CEO & FOUNDER. Expertise acquired in Business development of new companies. Direct participant in a Fulbright BEST program – Business program in silicon valley.

Gianni Cario

CTO, Automation engineer, Industrial process set-up from prototye to product.

Product Manager
Pietro Ragusa

Product Manager, Architect & Industrial Designer, master in yatch design

Francesco Cicchello

Lead developer - Electronic and automation Engineer