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ARCON participated in DOMUS, a project by National Ministry for Scientific Research and Development concerning home automation for the creation of an intelligent platform for assisted living. Here, ARCON will provide STETHOTELEPHONE technology, and will collaborate in the development of intelligent ICT platforms.

DOMUS project - platform for assist living

From 01-2015 to 12-2015

Project name: Intervention Line creation of entrepreneurial ventures and innovative micro-enterprises by graduates and PhDs; total budget 230,000 Euro.

Regional grant received

AWARDS and participants


"WINNER of the "EIT Health InnoStars Awards" prize: Euro 20.000 from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme"


EIT Health InnoStars Awards 2017


Arcon obtained the SEAL of Excellence by the European Commission, having applied to a SME instrumental phase 1.

SEAL of Excellence


Arcon won the Fulbright - Best program; A period of six months in Silicon Valley with the aim of developing the entrepreneural project.

FULBRIGHT - BEST program 2016


Arcon won UniCredit Start Lab.

UniCredit Start Lab

2016 June

ARCON, as a company with high growth potential, participated as exhibitor to the "SMART REGIONS" conference, promoted by the European Commission in Bruxelles, to represent Calabria region. Smart regions will take advantage of mutually reinforcing RIS3 to find better synergies with other regions and scale-up their innovation efforts to EU-value chains and markets as the critical level for competitiveness.


2015 October

The largest national innovation fair, National recognition for digital health sector (recognition as high-potential system for the development of e-health).

SMAU Milan

2015 October

Conference and presentation of the best innovations and startups of southern Italy - recognition of the ICT award for the development of digital health.


2015 July

National startups competition: regional award for innovation



PCT Patent WO/2017/006258
A device to digitize the sound of a stethoscope and send it to an electronic instrument.