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Electronic olives for stethoscope!

Compatible with LITTMANN stethoscopes!

SONE Pro are electronic olives for stethoscope, it provide in real-time: 32X amplification and auscultation filtering:

  • Filters: 2 filters to emphasize high tones (for lung tones):
    • 80 – 700Hz
    • 100 – 1000Hz
  • • Filters: 2 filters to emphasize low tones (for heart tones):
    • 20 – 200Hz
    • 30 – 500Hz
  • • Battery: 5 hours in continuous use; Rechargeable.
Ergonomic rubber headphones

They guarantee hygiene

Easy to use Control panel

Intuitive design

Bluetooth audio profile

Smartphone/ tablet/ laptop
Remote monitoring portals.

SONE pro are high quality electronic olives/headsets, is a technologically advanced product, born from the need to guarantee quality, reliability, and continuous use of the stethoscope::

  • COMPATIBLE with LITTMAN stethoscopes
  • Direct sound to app transmission
  • 32X amplification
  • 4 filters for “pulmonary and cardiac tones”

SONE Pro boost your stethoscope

Step 1

Remove the classic olives from the LITTMANN stethoscope

Step 2

Plug the SONE pro electronic olives.