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SONE Remote is a device for every stethoscope that provides in real time 32X amplification and filtering:


  • • Filters: 2 filters to emphasize high tones (for lung tones):
    • 80 – 700 Hz
    • 100 – 1000 Hz
  • • Filters: 2 filters to emphasize low tones (for heart tones):
    • 20 – 200 Hz
    • 30 – 500 Hz
  • • Battery: 5 hours in continuous use; Rechargeable.


For the first time through wire or Bluetooth headphones you can listen, the natural sound improved.

Universal rubber housing for stethoscope olives

Guarantees hygiene

Easy to use control panel


Intuitive design

Headphones connection type

Jack connection

Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth audio profile



Remote monitoring portals

SONE was founded June 2015 by a young biomedical engineer and an internist.

After being called by a patient with chest pain to get remotely diagnosed, they were not able to help. They decided to start building STETHOTELEPHONE. Since then SONE is on a mission to help patients being diagnosed remotely.

  • Guarantees hygiene
  • Remote monitoring
  • 32X amplification
  • 4 filters for “pulmonary and cardiac tones”

SONE remote fits all classic stethoscopes

Step 1

Step 2

Position SONE remote on the stethoscope olives

Step 3

Listen with a cable or Bluetooth headset